Baby Holl: 29 Weeks

29 Weeks
29 Weeks

It’s true! The belly button I used to know is no longer. It’s not sticking out to the point that you can see through clothes yet, but I can’t deny anymore that it’s not sticking out. I’ve heard some funny things about how to keep it contained – such as putting band aids over it. I think I’ll wait and see how this all goes before I buy a box of band-aids for my belly button.

It’s been another long week in the Holl household.

We had a promotion party Friday afternoon for a co-worker of Jed’s. We also FINALLY got out to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market Saturday morning and then had a retirement party for a drill troop from out at the base. It was an all-day event at our friends house in Nevada (who we gave the goats and chickens to last week). It was fun to check up on them and see how all the barnyard animals were doing. I think the funniest part of the day was the goats roaming around in the garage with all the dogs and kids. I guess they didn’t want to miss out on the party.

Sunday was a big day. Jed’s oldest sister graduated from Drake University with her Master’s in Education. She also had an interview on Monday at the school she’s been wanting to work at and she got the job – which is so awesome!! We’re very proud of her and all of her accomplishments. So we had a small graduation party for her Sunday afternoon/evening. I love baking so I volunteered to make the cakes. Her request was “Chocolatey Goodness.”

So here’s what I came up with:

Chocolate Cake with Strawberries
Chocolate Cake with Strawberries

The above is a two-layer fudge/chocolate cake (with chocolate frosting) and fresh strawberries. And below is a two-layer milk chocolate cake (also with chocolate frosting) and wait for it . . . puppy chow crumbles! I think that counts as “chocolatey goodness!”

Chocolate Puppy Chow Cake
Chocolate Puppy Chow Cake

I will admit that I did not make these from scratch, although I would have if I had the time. I had some help from Duncan Hines, but I did come up with the puppy chow crumble by myself – which I thought was genius.

The only down-side to all the fun activities this weekend was the intense back pain from standing so long. I have now learned that I need to sit down more often and keep off the feet. Good thing Jed has been doing well with his homework from our prenatal classes and is a good sport about giving me massages.

On that note, we had our second prenatal class last night. We mostly covered early labor and things to consider in the birth and communication plans. All I know is that I am going to try to be as flexible as possible with our birth plan, especially considering this is our first child and I have no idea what I would like/not like. So keeping an open mind seems like the best route to take. We also went through breathing techniques and using a birthing ball to help with positions. I’ll be curious to see how the breathing thing goes since I have asthma and I can already tell my lungs need to do a little more work than usual with my shrinking ribcage. I’m sure it will all be fine.

This week they did start having the guys that volunteered for it wear the empathy suit – a 35 lb. suit that simulates pregnancy. At least they don’t have to go through this:

Don’t worry, Jed – it’s not in your future, although it would be very funny to watch.

Weekly update:

Currently: 29 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 10 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: Size of a butternut squash and is 17 in. and 3.1 lbs.

Cravings: Everything! I have been soooo hungry lately. I feel like I can’t get full. So everything’s on the table – literally.

Weight Gain: About 20.5 lbs. so far.

Sleep: The weird dreams have come back. Funny enough, none of them have to do with children. They are just strange dreams. Some nights are good and other nights are uncomfortable. Nothing too bad yet, but may need to use some extra pillows soon.

Mood: Happy and anxious. I feel like time is flying by and I’m not where I wanted to be at this point in the pregnancy – mainly with the nursery. I’m sure that’s a common feeling among pregnant women.

Symptoms: Congestion (from allergies and pregnancy) as well as heartburn. I woke up the other night with the worst heartburn and I could not get comfortable. Luckily it’s only happened once while I’ve been sleeping, but I’m trying to be conscious of what I’m eating to see if there’s something specific – which I doubt. My back has also started to hurt this week – a LOT! It’s not an all-over pain, but I can tell there are knots in certain places and I need more pillows while sitting for support.

Looking Forward To: Getting our furniture. I called today and they said that the dressers are on their truck and headed this way, so we could have them as early as next week. Not so sure about the crib though, which is really the piece I wish I had now so I can figure out bedding. It’s not too important since we will have a cradle up in our room for the first few weeks, but it would be nice to have it all.

Clothes: I haven’t needed anything new yet, and hopefully it stays that way for a while. Still haven’t had the chance to test out the maternity suit, but I’m sure that day is fast-approaching. I have noticed that my shoes do seem to be a little tighter. I know that your feet can expand while pregnant and I’m sure being on my feet all weekend didn’t help.

Misc. News: We’re starting the pediatrician search and I am going to start calling and setting up interviews at a few places that have been recommended to us. It would be nice to get that done and confirmed.

That’s our update. Friday marks the big 3-0! I can’t believe we’re this far along and still have so much to do. But that’s how it always works out. And we’re enjoying the ride. Stay tuned to see what I’ve been working on for the nursery.


9 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 29 Weeks

  1. OMG! Those chocolate cakes look amazing! Where did you come up with the idea for the puppy-chow crumb topping? Do you have a recipe to share… I think I really need this.

    1. Hey There. I was trying to think of something else with chocolate to add to the chocolate cake and puppy chow was the first thing that came to mind. It’s also nice to have a little extra flavor with the peanut butter. All I did was make a batch of puppy chow and use a rolling pin to smash it up into a crumble. I then iced the cake and applied the crumble all around! It was really easy. I sifted powdered sugar on top for some more color.

  2. You are looking awesome! On the belly button topic, mine is getting just about flat…by the time I am 29 weeks I am certain it will be popping out! I also am starting to get the line down my belly. My midwife said that not everyone gets it, and that fairer skinned women are spared. So much for sporting my bikinis through this pregnancy…with a freaky looking belly button and dark line down my tummy, I am not gonna be looking as hot as I did last summer…
    Ps, those cakes look AMAZING. I am actually pretty sure I am drooling, considering sweets are my main craving.

    1. I haven’t gotten the line down my belly, but bikini’s are out for me as well – just a little too weird for me with all the change, plus I had a belly ring that I took out when I got to about 20 weeks and that just looks odd now. Sweets are a major craving for me, which is why I told them I wouldn’t be taking any home as I would eat all of it!

  3. You look just beautiful, and I hope I can pull off pregnancy the way you are:) And I love your chalkboard too.

    I know everyone is mentioning the cakes….and of COURSE we all are: we are pregnant!! Those look so delicious, I could seriously eat then through my computer screen:) The strawberries on top make it look truly delightful!

    I feel that I too will eventually get an outie…I notice that my belly button is getting more and more shallow, so I’ll be there too at some point. I kind of think outies are cute on a pregnant belly! Rock it, girl!

    You will have to keep us updated on your maternity suit. My husband and I will be in FL for 6 weeks this summer for his job, and I need to buy one since I’ll be on the beach and at the pool a lot during that time. Where did you get yours from?

    1. I got my swimsuit from Old Navy because I didn’t want to spend too much on a suit I would be wearing for a short period of time. Of course after I bought one I found this one, which I thought was really cute

      1. Really cute! It would make me nervous to buy it online without seeing how it looks on. Did you end up buying both? (Never hurts to have multiples!)The one from Old Navy, did you buy it in-store?

      2. I wanted to try it on first, but there were very limited options in maternity stores so I ordered online and it fits well. Plus, I knew if I needed to return it, I could go to the store and not have to send it back via mail. I would just read the reviews online for sizing. I’m usually a small regularly, but I ordered a medium knowing I was going to be my biggest in the middle of summer and wanted a little room for growth.

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