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I love gift-giving and craft projects, although I’m not always so good at the latter. This past week I got the opportunity to combine these two loves for a friend of mine who is due in two weeks. This is their second son, so I wanted to give her something for the little man that would be unique. But I was trying to figure out what. And then I remembered a Pinterest project I did last fall for our niece for her 3rd birthday and BAM! Idea generated.

I’ve seen so many cute onesies on Etsy and told myself – hey, I could do that! So that’s what I did. I bought a pack of four white onesies and then started to think about what I wanted to screen print (or freezer-paper print) on them. Since I know she is having a little boy, a bow tie and necktie seemed very appropriate. My friend is an art director, so I thought the copyright design was cute and the “Spit Happens” was a fun play on words.

Screen Printed Baby Onesies
Screen Printed Baby Onesies

If you want to learn how to do this, I recommend you go to the original post that explains how to do this much better than I would be able to and their pictures of the process are much better than mine. Does anyone else notice that everyone on Pinterest is a professional photographer? Maybe it’s just me.

For the paint, I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint that I picked up at our local Hobby Lobby.

This was such a fun and easy project and one that you can customize for the person, which is why I did it.

Talking about baby clothes, I also went to a children’s garage sale yesterday morning hoping to find more of the baby essentials at a much-discounted price. Instead, I found cute clothes. I have been trying to resist buying any clothes for little Sesame as I know we’ll probably get quite a few, but the temptation was too great and I caved. But they were super cheap ($5 for everything) and in good quality, which makes me feel like the best bargain shopper ever. Check out some of Sesame’s new clothes (along with new pacifiers and a clip).

New Clothes for Little Sesame
New Clothes for Little Sesame

I think they are all so cute, but my favorite is the white tank top with pink hearts and little gray shorts. Should be perfect for the lovely, hot August weather we get here in Iowa. I think I’m going to have to keep an eye out for more garage sales with kids stuff as you can get some great stuff at fractions of the cost of retail. And since they grow so fast, it’s a smart way to shop.

Do you have any cute Pinterest projects for little ones? Next on my list is a couple of projects for wall art in the nursery, so stay tuned!


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