Baby Holl: 27 Weeks – The Results Are In!

27 Weeks
27 Weeks

This past week I had to go in and do a three-hour glucose test because I failed the one-hour test at the doctor’s office at our last visit. So I decided to go in last Friday and get it taken care of. Things didn’t work out so well. For the three-hour test I had to fast for 12 hours and then take the disgusting glucose drink. They drew my blood before I took the drink and then the plan was to draw it every hour after I took the drink for three hours. Well, I didn’t make it past the first hour. I didn’t realize that the drink they give you for this test is twice as potent (twice the sugar) as the one-hour test. And drinking that on an empty stomach first thing in the morning did not fare well for me. I got nauseous and threw up, which means that they had to cancel the test and I would have to come back and do it again. At least the drink was the only thing in my stomach. But I was bummed out because I did NOT want to have to take that drink again.

But I decided to try it again on Saturday since they were open and I just wanted it done. I had a better plan of action this time though. I brought my iPad and also made sure to sit closer to the front door to get more fresh air coming in. I also made sure to lie down after I took the drink to be more comfortable and let it settle. The second try was smooth sailing! I made it all the way through the three hours. I felt really bad for baby Sesame as she got a LOT of sugar in those two days. She was definitely jumping around in there after I took the drinks.

Unfortunately I would have to wait for the results since my doctor’s office was closed. But we did finally get the results yesterday and I am free and clear! NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!


My arms got the worst of the test though. I’ve had my fair share of IV’s and pokes and prods from being hospitalized a lot when I was younger for my asthma, but I have never had any problems with bruising. Until now. My right arm got the worst of it and even swelled up so it was hard to move or pick things up. But since that’s the worst of it, it’s not anything to complain about.

Last week also set some new records on the weather charts here in Iowa. It SNOWED last Thursday and Friday! I can’t believe we had snow in May. It was very depressing when all you want to do is be outside. The weekend before it was 87 degrees and then four days later it snowed. Only in the Midwest I guess. I’m glad we didn’t actually plant anything in our garden last weekend.

But we did go and get everything yesterday and got everything in the ground. We’re very excited to have this planted as we’ve been talking about it for so long. It will definitely be very interesting to see what takes and what doesn’t.

All Planted
All Planted

We decided to plant the following: Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, cucumbers, beans, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, spinach, carrots and strawberries (which we put in containers since they will grow back year after year).


Jed has much more experience with planting and maintaining gardens, so this is a new experience for me. My mom used to grow vegetables, but I don’t remember paying much attention to what she did so I’m taking Jed’s word on what we need to do. I can’t wait to see them grow and to harvest them and make our homemade salsa!

Apart from being smothered in sugar this past week, Little Sesame has been doing well. Jed likes to put his ear up to my tummy to listen to her heartbeat and it’s funny when she kicks (or punches?) him.

Here’s our weekly update:

Currently: 27 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 12 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: According to my “What to Expect” app, she is the size of a head of cauliflower and is 16 in. and 2.5 lbs. I think it’s funny that their size is always compared to food. I guess it’s probably the least offensive thing to compare it to.

Cravings: Even though I’ve had a lot of direct sugar this week, it hasn’t deterred me from craving sweets. Ice cream is still on the top of the list and I was staying away from it this past week because of the test, but I certainly dug in last night. Fruit is also a big craving – watermelon, grapes and oranges.

Weight Gain: About 18 lbs. thus far.

Sleep: I’ve started dreaming about baby! I have had two nights in a row where my dreams involved a little baby. Sleeping well.

Mood: My mood was not pleasant last week when it snowed and I didn’t make it through the first test. But I’m on the upswing now that it’s warmer and sunny out.

Symptoms: I’ve had a little heartburn here and there, but it doesn’t last too long. The nurse that called about my results mentioned (again) that my iron was low. So I’m sure come our next appointment I will be put on another supplement.

Looking Forward To: Starting our prenatal classes (they start next Monday). Should definitely be interesting. I’m curious to find out what all we’ll be doing in them. I do know we get a tour of the hospital, so that will be fun.

Clothes: My swimsuit arrived this past week. I’m glad it fit well with room to grow. Now it just needs to get warm enough to get in a pool. I also picked up some maternity shorts since Motherhood Maternity was having a buy one, get one 50% off sale. I picked up some long tank tops from Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, which will come in handy.

Misc. News: I’m trying to drink lots and lots of water as I know this is the time that swelling can start to begin. Plus, with summer right around the corner and the humidity that will most likely come with it, it just adds to the likelihood of retaining water. So we’ll see how it goes. They say the more water you drink, the less you retain. I hope that’s true.

That’s it for this week. Happy Siete De Mayo.


2 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 27 Weeks – The Results Are In!

  1. 1st, you look so great! Such a beautiful momma-to-be.

    2nd, I have my glucose test in a couple weeks and really hoping I pass the first test… especially after reading your story. I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that! But at least you passed and can move on from the experience! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Becky! I must admit I was probably a little over-dramatic about the situation, but it wasn’t the most pleasant thing. I would just say mind over matter on the glucose drink – don’t think too much about it and you’ll do fine! Hopefully you pass on the first go and don’t have to do the three-hour test. Good luck!

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