Baby Holl: 26 Weeks

26 Weeks
26 Weeks

I can’t believe we’re at 26 weeks already! It feels like time is speeding forward, and while I can’t wait to meet our little one, I have also had my little freak out moments knowing that we don’t have that much time left before she arrives.

We were very productive this weekend (Jed more than I). We finally got our garden set up to plant. It’s only been five years in the making, but as we like to say, better late than never. I think it’s funny that we got it ready this weekend and baby is supposedly the size of a cucumber right now (which we will be planting). Although our yard is not very big, this garden is and it’s in the perfect spot – the only place our backyard really gets sunlight. We have lots of oak trees so we get quite a bit of shade in the summer.

All Ready to Plant!
Almost Ready to Plant!

This past weekend was great for being outdoors. I got a little too excited at the sunlight and warmer weather that I got a little sunburnt. I have quite the lines on my arms to prove it. Since the weather was so nice, we also went up to Peggy’s for some Drake Relays activity. We haven’t been up to Peggy’s for Relays in a long time so we took advantage of the nice weather and went up so Jed could have a couple of beers after his hard work prepping the garden.

I also finally caved in and ordered a maternity swimsuit from Old Navy. I decided to go with this one as it got a lot of good reviews and the price was right. There were some really cute ones from A Pea in the Pod, but honestly, I’m not going to spend more on a maternity suit than I would on a regular one – especially since I’m only going to be wearing it for a short time. Hopefully it fits. They had a special going on for 20% off your purchase, so that was nice. In addition, you get free shipping with purchases over $50, so I did get two items for the little one. I couldn’t resist!

Today was our doctor’s appointment as well as the glucose screening test. The orange drink I had to take was not good. I didn’t eat anything before I took it because we had an earlier appointment, so that probably didn’t help. They took blood for two tests – the glucose screening as well as to check my iron in case of anemia. Unfortunately I failed both tests!! My iron count is low and I didn’t pass the glucose screening. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I have gestational diabetes, but I now have to go in for a three-hour test this week to actually diagnose one way or the other. I have to fast for 12 hours beforehand and then go to the hospital to take the test. I guess the process is that they take my blood when I first arrive, then make me drink another of the sugary glucose drinks and then take my blood every hour for the next three hours. So they will have four blood tests to look at before diagnosing. So it’s going to be a lot of waiting in between those blood samples so I’ll be bringing a good book along with me. Hopefully I don’t have it, but if I do, we’ll manage. I figured this pregnancy was going a little too smoothly.

As for my low iron, I don’t have to do anything yet. I do not have anemia right now, but they want to keep an eye on it. I have already been taking my pre-natal vitamin and an iron supplement, so the doc told me to take one at night and one in the morning with orange juice (which helps to absorb the iron) to see if that helps. I’ve currently been taking them together at night, so maybe this will do the trick. They’ll check my iron levels again in a month to see if I need another supplement. It was at least nice to be assured that baby is getting everything she needs even though I’m on the low-side.

Little Sesame has been doing well. She is moving around a lot more – still mostly at night. I think I finally felt her have the hiccups the other day and Jed was also able to listen to her heartbeat!

Here’s our weekly update:

Currently: 26 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 13 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: According to my “What to Expect” app, she is the size of a cucumber and is now 15 in. and 2.2 lbs.(hopefully not the same shape though!).

Cravings: Not really having any cravings. I still want sweets, but haven’t had many. Instead of cravings, I’ve just been hungry more often.

Weight Gain: Based on the doctor’s scale, I’ve gained 17.5 lbs. so far.

Sleep: Getting lots of sleep and still having weird dreams.

Mood: Getting a little moody about my clothes and feeling comfortable. Mostly feeling like I have nothing to wear! I know some women are really happy about their chests getting bigger with pregnancy, but I am not one of those women. So that hasn’t helped my mood either.

Symptoms: As I said last week, the back aches have started. They aren’t bad unless I’ve been on my feet all day or been more active.

Looking Forward To: Continuing to work on the nursery. I took a little time off from it because it was starting to overwhelm me, but I’m starting to get back into the mood to see what other items to get for it.

Clothes: I definitely need to pick up some maternity shorts. After this past weekend and temperatures in the 80’s, I need some shorts. I have longer dresses, but I want something that’s a little more casual for around the house and running around that’s comfortable. I also mentioned above that I ordered the maternity suit, so that should be here in about a week.

Misc. News: We are so grateful to have family and friends willing to let us borrow items to use for baby. This weekend we got to go and pick up a few items from a sister-in-law in town. So we now officially have an infant car seat, two bases and stroller system to use, among some other items. On a side note, today is our dogs birthday – they are 6 years old! Can’t believe it. They will be great siblings to little Sesame.

That’s the news for now. I’ll keep you all posted on how the three-hour glucose test goes this week and if I have gestational diabetes or not.


One thought on “Baby Holl: 26 Weeks

  1. I would be shocked if you have gestational diabetes! It’s sucks that you have to drink more of the gross orange stuff…but I’m sure they will figure it out. I was just thinking that I can’t believe you are 26 weeks along. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I had been on bed rest for two weeks at week 26! Oh my.

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