Baby Holl: 25 Weeks (Baby’s First 5k!)

25 Weeks
25 Weeks

This past week has been pretty busy around the Holl residence and I have a feeling it’s only going to get busier as we get closer to Sesame’s arrival.

I was pretty busy last week getting ready for the launch of a new campaign I have been working on called Cultivate Iowa. I am part of the creative team handling all the copywriting for the campaign. This is a great initiative by the Iowa Food Systems Council promoting food gardening and produce donation to help create a sustainable future and healthier communities here in Iowa. It’s been really fun to work on, but we had our launch event last Friday at the Iowa Arboretum and it always seems like there’s more things to do than we have the time for. So I was definitely racing around quite a bit up until Friday to help make sure everything was ready.

As I mentioned above, the launch event was held at the Iowa Arboretum. I had never been there before, but am certainly adding it to my list of places to revisit on a warmer day. The grounds are beautiful! And the best part – it’s free! So if you’re in the Des Moines or surrounding area and looking for something to do, I recommend visiting the arboretum on a nice summer day.

Our Saturday was pretty booked. We had a friend’s wedding as well as The Glow Run, which we had signed up for before we knew about baby and the wedding. So it was quite the evening hopping from one event to the other, but we were so happy to be a part of our friend’s big day and be able to celebrate with them. They had Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” instrumental play as the bridesmaids came down the aisle, which I thought was awesome. I’m a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. AND they had french silk pie for dessert, which for a pregnant lady like myself, was heaven.

Unfortunately we did not get to stick around for the dancing, although that was probably to everyone else’s benefit since I’m not sure how well that would have gone with my belly. I probably would have run into people with it or done some other embarrassing thing like the running man or the Carlton (which I am known to do).

Could you imagine me doing this dance pregnant? That would probably be a train wreck, but also a site to see.

Baby's First 5K - The Glow Run
Baby’s First 5K – The Glow Run

Anyway, we then headed over to downtown Des Moines for Baby Sesame’s first 5k –  The Glow Run.

We ran for about 100 yards and then I had to stop because of the extra pressure on my bladder when jogging and feeling like I had to pee every five seconds. Definitely a weird feeling. So we (speed) walked the rest of the run, which was tons of fun. It felt so good to get out and exercise since the weather has been so crappy here this past week.

It was also fun to get out and people watch, which we got to do tons of since there was something like 12,000 people registered for the run.

All in all, it was a great night to be out and even though we didn’t run it, we had lots of fun and enjoyed some time together outside of the house before the little one arrives.

We relaxed the rest of the weekend and I continued to look up items for the baby registry. Right now we’re trying to figure out baby monitors and lightweight/umbrella strollers. There are lots of options out there. We’re both iPhone users, so we’re mostly interested in the iBaby monitor and other devices that would let us use our phones. It’s a little pricey, but not as pricey as some of the video monitors I’ve seen. Plus, we wouldnt’t have to carry around another device with us – just our phones or iPads.

Baby Sesame is doing well. When she decides to move, she definitely moves. We go back to the doctor next Tuesday, so we’ll know more about her then. Our What to Expect app said that her eyes are starting to open so she may respond to light. It said to try putting a flashlight up to my belly to see if she would react. So we did, but she didn’t move too much. We have yet to try again.

But on to the update:

Currently: 25 weeks, 4 days

Sesame’s Size: According to my “What to Expect” app, she is still the size of an eggplant, but is now 9.2 in. and 2 lbs.

Cravings: This week it’s been meat. Nothing in particular, but meat needs to be on the menu. Maybe it’s a sign that I need more iron. I’m still also craving sweets (did I mention the french silk pie from the wedding?).

Weight Gain: I’m about 17-18 lbs. overall. I’ll have a more accurate number next week.

Sleep: Sleeping well. Starting to have weird dreams again, but I know that comes with the territory.

Mood: Excited and happy. Every once in a while I get a little moody with the weight gain (mostly when clothes don’t feel comfortable, like my coat).

Symptoms: The back aches have arrived. I’m sure it’s a combination of my increasing chest and belly size, but also all the activity of the past week. I just hope Jed is ready for my daily back rub requests!

Looking Forward To: Our next doctor appointment (April 30th) and for spring to come to get started on our garden.

Clothes: Still the same. Wearing mostly maternity clothes with some of my pre-pregnancy shirts and tops. I did start trying on some of the dresses I have to see what I could still fit in while pregnant. I’m glad I have some that will account for the bump. Now it just needs to get warm enough to wear them.

Misc. News: My belly button has gotten bigger, but it’s not sticking out yet. It’s heading down that path so we’ll see how long until that happens.

That’s our 25 week update. This weekend is the big Drake Relays so it will definitely be busy in our neck of the woods.

Remember to send us your recommendations for the baby registry. Any monitors, strollers or other baby items you can’t live without?


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    1. My husband has always been great at motivating me, so I figured I would give it a try. But the running part didn’t last too long. As you know, there is just way too much pressure going on down there.

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