Baby Holl: 24 Weeks

24 Weeks
24 Weeks

This is the first week that I REALLY feel pregnant. It’s not just one thing, it’s a culmination of lots of things – a growing belly, wanting to eat everything in sight, not being able to do everything I used to, getting tired . . . you get the idea.

I am learning that I cannot eat as much as I want to. And if I try to, I am super uncomfortable afterwards. Like the feeling I’m going to pop. Even though I’ve always been more of a snacker than a three-meals-a-day type person, it’s been hard to eat anything without feeling like I’m going to explode. So I’ve been trying to eat lighter foods (salads, more fruit, etc.) to offset that heavy feeling after I eat. I’m sure this is just a (literal) growing pain of pregnancy.

As I wrote last week, I was under the weather. Since it wasn’t clearing up, I decided to go back to the doctor last week and have them make sure I wasn’t coming down with something. Good thing I did as they said I had the beginning of an ear infection starting in my right ear. They prescribed me a z-pack (Azithromycin) to get ahead of the infection and ward off any oncoming asthma triggers (I have asthma and it always kicks in when I’m sick). As much as I didn’t want to be on an antibiotic, I also didn’t want to feel like crap until it cleared up on its own, AND they confirmed it is safe to take while pregnant, so I started my antibiotic. I feel great now! I’m so glad I decided to go back in and get checked out.

And in even better news . . . we got our rug late last week!

Nursery Rug 1
Nursery Rug 1

We got the rug from RugsUSA and got a great deal on it. It was 60% off with free shipping and a 20-day return guarantee. Hard to pass that up even though it was really hard to actually pick out a rug. It’s called the Homespun Nawra Trellis Green Rug.

Nursery Rug 2
Nursery Rug 2

I cannot even begin to tell you how many rugs we looked at online and at local stores. I never even knew there were that many options! We really liked the pattern on this rug (a kind of Moroccan feel) as well as the color. It is a little darker than it looked online (always the problem when buying online), but it still works with what we were thinking of for the rest of the room. The crib and dressers will be a subtle white so we think they will work really well with this rug and we can add lots of pops of color with our bedding, pillows and accents (which is the plan).

Nursery Rug Close-Up
Nursery Rug Close-Up

When we planned the room (before we found out Sesame’s gender) we wanted to make sure we kept things somewhat neutral. We also wanted to get items that would be nice for a nursery, but would also fit into other areas of the house to make sure they have long-term use. We figured we can add more of the “baby” and “girl” type elements into the accents of the room like the bedding, the throw pillows and all the fun accessories and wall art. The bedding is next on our list for the nursery while we wait for our furniture to come in. We ordered a crib, small three drawer dresser (to also use as a changing table), a tall (5 drawer) dresser and a glider.

While we are (somewhat patiently) waiting for the furniture to come, we’re starting to get around to our Babylist registry and figuring out what we need (and how much). One of the great benefits of having friends and family that have already had kids is that they all want to give you their baby stuff. And my advice – take it! After looking at all the things for a baby, and the short amount of time they use many things, it’s definitely a great deal to borrow or buy at a very discounted price from those that have already had kids. Plus, we don’t have much room in our house, so I would rather borrow for the time needed and give back when we’re done so we don’t have to worry about storage. Of course, there are those items that you do want to get new. It all depends on your preference and tastes and what you’re willing to spend on and what you’re willing to save on. There are way too many cute things for kids.

Nothing too new on the baby front in terms of progress. She’s still in there moving around everyday. Some days more than others.

So here’s the update for this week:

Currently: 24 weeks, 5 days

Sesame’s Size: According to my “What to Expect” app, she is the size of an eggplant.

Cravings: Still craving the sweets like ice cream, but have laid off a little bit. Still eating lots and lots of oranges. Definitely need to start getting some watermelon. Yum.

Weight Gain: I’m about 16 lbs. overall. I read that this is a month that you can put on more weight (and with my constant hunger, I can see why).

Sleep: Sleeping really well. This constant rain might be helping with that.

Mood: Happy, but sick of this weather! I’m tired of the rain and cold temperatures. It’s supposed to be spring and sunny out.

Symptoms: I haven’t had too many symptoms except for the feeling that I’m going to explode after I eat (does that count as a symptom?).

Looking Forward To: Our next doctor appointment (April 30th) and continuing to work on our registry. I love looking at all the baby stuff, but sometimes it does get overwhelming with how much there is, so I have to take breaks and think about some of the items and if I really like them or if we really need them.

Clothes: Mostly wearing the maternity clothes until it gets warm enough to wear dresses and skirts. I can still wear some of my regular shirts, but I can tell that won’t be for too much longer as they are getting shorter as my bump is getting bigger. Still looking for a swimsuit. At the rate this weather is going I’m wondering if I’ll even need one since it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get warm.

Misc. News: This is definitely random, but as I was looking at the calendar I realized that on April 26th, I will be exactly 26 weeks and on May 31st, I will be exactly 31 weeks along. What are those odds?

That’s it for this week. Stop by next week for more updates and to see what we’re up to. There is going to be a “baby’s first” next week to report on, which should be fun!

Plus, if you have any recommendations on items for our baby registry, let me know!


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