Baby Holl: 22 Weeks

22 Weeks
22 Weeks

Look who’s finally in the picture! From here on out we will do our best to make sure you can also see the progress of this bump with our fun chalkboard messages.

We’re 22 weeks along now and I think spring is finally here – thank goodness. It’s so exciting to be able to wear flats again and not have to worry about socks and boots. Granted, it is Iowa and we all know we can still get snow at any time, but I’m thinking we’re on the upswing.

This past week has been pretty busy on the nursery front. We got our conversion kit for the light fixture and got it all installed and tested. And we love it!

Nursery Light Fixture
Nursery Light Fixture
Close-Up of Nursery Light Fixture
Close-Up of Nursery Light Fixture

We picked this up at West Elm when we were up visiting my parents in Minnesota. It’s called the Small Round Capiz Pendant and it sounds like a wind chime when you touch the glass. Maybe it will help put baby to sleep in the future? We picked this one out because we wanted a fixture that was both feminine, but also something we would be able to use in other rooms of the house in the future. It’s great for bedrooms and would also look great over a dining room table. We have a dimmer in the nursery, so it gives off a pretty glow when it’s on low, but also has enough punch to brighten the room.

We also ordered our rug and glider this week. Again, no pictures until we actually have them so you can see what they look like in the room. We got the rug from RugsUSA as they have a great Easter sale going on now, so ours was 60% off plus free shipping and has a 20 day return guarantee in case it’s not quite what we like. We ordered our glider from Suite Dreams. To give you a hint, it’s going to be in burlap (again, we’re trying to make sure most of our furniture can extend outside of the nursery, but also fit well within it).

We received our FIRST little onesies this past week from our friends The Mersbergers!


To make sure we could display the cute outfits, I went to Target and picked up a tension bar (rod?) to use in our built-in bookshelf.

Seeing the little outfits makes it seem more and more real everyday.

At this point, it’s nice to have pretty much all of our nursery furniture ordered and/or figured out. I think the only items we have left are the curtains, a storage ottoman and then decorating the walls (which I have some fun ideas for). Thank goodness for Pinterest.

We actually had our doctor appointment today, so here’s the latest update:

Currently: 22 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Not too many cravings this week. Still loving the sweets, but we don’t have too many in the house, so it’s easier to resist. I did make some sugar donut muffins over the weekend which turned out pretty good.

Weight Gain: At about 13 lbs. overall.

Sleep: Probably getting more than I need, but sleeping well. Still having some weird, vivid dreams.

Mood: Happy, but a little nervous now that it’s all becoming so real.

Symptoms: My congestion is getting a lot better. I have pretty bad allergies, so I’m watching those closely with spring here, but I think I’ve given most of my symptoms to Jed this past week (sorry, honey).

Looking Forward To: Getting the rug and other furniture in the room and starting on our registry. Also looking forward to getting our garden growing this year (we’ve been talking about this ever since we moved into our house five years ago).

Clothes: Wearing the maternity clothes as they are definitely the most comfortable. It’s not warm enough yet for dresses and skirts, so still trying to hold out on getting more clothes until it’s warmer.

Glucose Screening Drink
Glucose Screening Drink

Misc. News: Sesame is definitely the most active when I’m going to bed at night. Her movement is still pretty sporadic and the doctor said it probably won’t be consistent until around 24-26 weeks. That’s just fine with me. At our next appointment we have the glucose screening to test for anemia and gestational diabetes. They gave me this lovely sugary drink to take before our appointment. I’m glad it’s orange and not cherry flavored as I’m not a fan of the cherry-flavored drinks, medicines, etc. I have to drink it one hour before our next appointment and drink it in five minutes. We’ll see how that goes. People say it doesn’t taste that good, but I am allowed to have water after I drink it, so maybe I can wash away any bad tastes.

Stop by next week for more Baby Holl updates and maybe we’ll even have our rug by then to post more nursery pictures.


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