Baby Holl: 20 Weeks – The Big Reveal

Gender Reveal Cake
Gender Reveal Cake

The moment (some of you) have been waiting for is finally here! We found out yesterday morning what little Sesame is. But before I announce the gender, I want to thank you for taking our gender poll. We had a total of 27 votes (18 for girl and 9 for boy).

So NOW the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

The Reveal!
The Reveal!
It's a Girl!
It’s a Girl!
20 Weeks
20 Weeks

Apparently all of you that voted “girl” knew what you were talking about! Jed and I are over the moon with joy and excitement and can’t wait to welcome little miss in August (maybe July).

She is 13 ounces and is perfectly healthy. I still cannot believe the things they can tell from ultrasounds! They confirmed she does not have a cleft palate and we checked out the cerebellum (which looks like a peanut), the spine and took many other measurements. She had the hiccups during the ultrasound, which was so funny to watch (I can’t feel those yet).

We don’t have much else to report since this has been the big event of the week. I’ll post ultrasound pictures of her soon. She did give us the peace sign in one of them, which is adorable.

Currently: 20 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Sweets. Had to make an ice cream run on Sunday as I really wanted chocolate ice cream. Having the giant gender reveal cake I baked around the house is probably not a good idea.

Weight Gain: Still at about 9 lbs. overall.

Sleep: Getting enough sleep for sure except for the whole needing to go to the bathroom more often part. That’s become a morning ritual.

Mood: Super Excited! It was so fun to find out and bake the cake. And now we can get started on some of the nursery items we were holding off on until we knew.

Symptoms: I’ll give you one guess. Did you guess congestion? If so, you’re correct my friend. I think it’s starting to get better, but we’ll see. It’s (slowly) becoming spring time and I have allergies and asthma so we’ll see how this all goes. So far it’s fine. I’m also still feeling some of those growing pains, but they aren’t as bad as the first one I felt.

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery! We have some furniture we really like that we’re going to take a second look at and need to get some other items like a rug, a new light fixture, etc. for the room, so that will be fun to put together.

Clothes: Wearing the maternity pants for comfort until it gets warm enough for dresses and skirts. Most shirts are still okay, but that’s only going to be a matter of time now since I know the fifth month is when you really start to grow.

Misc. News: This news doesn’t pertain to me, but the ultrasound technician did say that little sesame was a little farther along than normal. Her growth is the size of a 21 week baby (technically, they said 20 week, 6 days, but that was yesterday, so I rounded). So we’ll see how she grows over the next few months. Baby and I may have very close birthdays (mine is July 24 and she is due August 2).

That’s all the exciting news for now. Check back for updates on the nursery, pictures of me and more fun details about babies!


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