Baby Holl: 18 Weeks

18 Weeks
18 Weeks

Where do I start!? This past week has definitely been a busy and exciting one. We painted the nursery, and the trimming, and the door, and the bookshelf and the window frames. We did a LOT of painting and I don’t plan on painting again in the near or far future. But, we are really happy with the outcome and the color. Check out our before and after photos below.


Before Photo 1
Before Photo 2
Before Photo 3

That’s CJ (Cardboard Jed) in the picture to the left. He’s now residing in the basement. I actually had him made so he could “attend” his sister’s wedding while he was deployed last year. He’s pretty good at scaring the unsuspecting visitor at our house. Upon forgetting that I put him in the basement, I have already startled myself turning a corner and running into him.

The room was a beige-ish color, which was nice and warm, but we wanted something a little more clean-looking that we could add more color to. So behold our after photos.


After Photo 1
After Photo 2
After Photo 2
After Photo 3
After Photo 3

The paint we used was Behr Paint and Primer All-In-One in the color Ashes. It’s a light gray color and we love it. It gives the room a very fresh, clean feeling (the painted trim helps with that too). We wanted the room to be gender-neutral so we could have the ability to brighten it up with accent colors on pillows, curtains, rugs, etc.

Now we can start thinking about the furniture we’re going to put into the nursery. We’ve got some ideas, but we’re not giving them away quite yet. We promise to keep you posted on them though.

The other exciting event from this past week (as you could probably tell from the chalkboard) was that I finally felt the baby move! It was so weird. I was lying in bed and had my hand on my belly, not expecting anything, and then all of a sudden I felt this quick jolt under my hand. It was definitely the baby and not a digestion. I immediately told Jed that I thought I felt the baby move. He was ecstatic and put his hand on my belly hoping to feel the baby too. He said he thought he felt it too. I’ve only felt the baby move once more since then, but the doctor confirmed that’s common to only feel them every couple of days.  Baby will start getting more active from here on out, so I’m sure one day soon enough I’ll be wishing they weren’t moving as much.

And now to the details:

Currently: 18 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Oranges. I can’t get enough right now. I’m glad my appetite is back, but now I want to eat all the time so I’m trying not to overeat too much.

Weight Gain: So far throughout the pregnancy I have gained 8 lbs. Jed is a great husband as he’s told me that he doesn’t see that, but I definitely have the bump now, so that’s okay with me.

Sickness: None. I should probably remove this one.

Sleep: I’ve been having a little trouble sleeping, but I don’t think it’s because of the pregnancy.

Mood: Happy. So happy. Especially now that we have the nursery painted and have some things to look forward to (see below).

Symptoms: Still congested. The heartburn has ceased for now.

Looking Forward To: On March 18th we’ll find out what we’re having! A little side note – we’ve been calling Baby Holl “Sesame” since we wanted a name other than “baby” to call it until we found out. It has definitely stuck. We came up with it after looking online when we found out we were expecting. Somewhere on the interwebs we read an article about how the baby was the size of a sesame seed in the early stages, so that’s what we started calling baby. But I digress, make sure to check back next week to cast your vote for what you think Sesame is – I want to know what you think!

Clothes: Still waiting it out for warmer weather. Pants are getting a little tighter each day. I still have a pair of jeans I can wear (most of the time) without feeling like I’m suffocating the baby or myself.

That’s week 18 for you. There’s a lot going on and it’s only getting more exciting along the way. Remember to stop by next week to cast your gender vote!


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