Baby Holl: 17 Weeks


Jed and I have continued our productive streak since last week. We painted a sample of the color in the nursery (and went and got the paint for the rest of the room) as well as did a complete kitchen re-organization and clean-up. I can’t believe all the stuff we had in there that I didn’t even realize! Like a whole set of Pyrex casserole dishes that have been hiding from us. It definitely felt good to get it cleaned up and in shape, plus we now have a lot more counter space to use (which is always needed in a smaller kitchen).

Baby Holl is doing well. I still can’t feel anything yet other than the increasing pressure on my bladder.

Since I still haven’t posted photos of myself and the small bump, I will continue to share some other exciting things with you – like how we announced the pregnancy to my parents.

Parent Pregnancy Announcement
We spend every Christmas with my family. This year we were up at my parent’s house in Minnesota and decided it would be a great idea to announce on Christmas Day. But how to announce? I looked up a bunch of ideas online and found the perfect one – writing a note from baby to the grandparents in a classic children’s book asking them to read it to them after their born. So that’s exactly what we did. I went out and picked up Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You and wrote a note to each of my parents from “Baby Holl”.

Goodnight Moon baby announcement
Goodnight Moon baby announcement
Guess How Much I Love You baby announcement
Guess How Much I Love You baby announcement


There was a little problem with the planning of this idea though. It was Christmas, we were with the family, and it’s a time to relax, have fun and maybe have a drink or two. We got up to Minnesota on Saturday and Christmas was on Tuesday. Both my parents had already asked if I wanted a glass of wine. How was I going to continually deny having a drink without anyone catching on? Apart from that, it was such exciting news that I was nervous I would give it away by saying something.

So Jed and I talked and decided we would tell my parents that we had a gift for each of them that we wanted them to enjoy over the whole weekend, so they needed to open it earlier. It also helped that we bought a board game for the family, so my younger brother and both parents had something to open – hopefully making it less obvious our presents weren’t that big. So Kevin opened the game and then it was time for my parents to open their gifts. Upon opening the gifts, my dad read the message (twice, I think) and looked at us and asked if it was what he thought it was. It was. My mom on the other hand was so excited that is was a book that she skipped over the first page with the message on it and started flipping through wondering why we gave her a children’s book (and why it wasn’t Pat the Bunny). After telling her to turn to the first page, she read the message and both were as excited as can be – except for the whole “grandparent’s” title they were now being honored with.

So it was a great rest of the weekend and Christmas and I felt a great relief that I didn’t need to try to hide anything anymore. And we have some ideas on some alternatives to “grandma” and “grandpa”.

But onto the details:

Currently: 17 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: I don’t have too many cravings right now, but definitely have my appetite back.

Weight Gain: Still assuming around 5 lbs. I will get a more accurate reading at our next appointment on Monday.

Sickness: Nada.

Sleep: Getting some good sleep. Continue to have really weird and vivid dreams. Some are amusing.

Mood: Excited, but a little impatient. Jed and I are ready for spring so we can get outside and get some stuff done around the house. We’re just in the waiting/cooking time now.

Symptoms: Congestion and heartburn. Not sure if it’s because of spicy food or just the pregnancy, but it’s here. It’s not bad yet and not very often, but I have a feeling it’s only the start from what I’ve read online from others.

Looking Forward To: Finding out what we’re having. We have an appointment next Monday and then we’ll schedule an ultrasound to find out gender. We’re also looking forward to getting the nursery painted, which should hopefully be done by next weekend.

Clothes: Trying to wait it out for warmer weather so I can wear dresses and sandals! Pants are a little tight (especially right after I eat), but don’t need to get into the maternity clothes quite yet. Leggings are awesome.

That’s our week 17 progress report. Stay tuned for before/after paint photos of the nursery and maybe even a picture of me!


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