Baby Holl: 14 Weeks

So this is a little late, but here’s the update: We’re at 14 weeks (and 5 days).


We had an appointment on Monday with the doctor and while it didn’t last very long, we did get to hear our little one’s heartbeat. The doctor said everything is going well, although I  need to get more iron. So I guess we’ll be eating more steak.

Last weekend we spent time up in Minnesota with my parents. We went up for my mom’s surprise birthday (and boy, was she surprised)! We also did a little shopping at the Mall of America and got some maternity clothes. I don’t need them yet, but I’d rather have them now and be ready for when I do. We also went around and looked at furniture to get inspired for our nursery and to see different styles of cribs to see what we want to build. We found this really cute store (although it was really pricey) called Oh Baby. It’s definitely fun (and a little overwhelming) to look around and get ideas.

But I digress, the details.

Currently: 14 weeks, 5 days.

Cravings: Being up in Minnesota made me have cravings for things I can’t get in Des Moines – such as Davanni’s and Leeann Chin. So we definitely hit up those places while we were in town.

Weight Gain: Overall, I am up 3.8 lbs.

Sickness: Knock on wood, still no sickness.

Sleep: Definitely had less sleep over the weekend staying up late and hanging out with the family (completely worth it), but we’re back on schedule now.

Mood: Happy and excited. I wish spring would come around sooner than later though (which apparently it’s supposed to). Let’s hope Phil was right.

Symptoms: Congestion, but I think that’s a combination of pregnancy, a dry winter and being indoors.

Looking Forward To: Spring, finding plans and starting to build the crib and getting the house cleaned up.

That’s all for week 14. Check back for week 15 updates.


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