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Baby Holl: 13 Weeks

As stated, we want to keep everyone updated on Baby Holl’s progress. I didn’t quite know what to write about until I stumbled upon this great blog with this wonderful idea of using a chalkboard and posting answers to those typical pregnancy questions. So hopefully she see’s flattery in imitation, because I love this idea for quick progress reports.

So here we go. We’re at 13 weeks (and 4 days).

13 Weeks
13 Weeks

Once I stop looking like I just ate a giant meal and start looking like I’m actually pregnant, I promise I will be standing in these photos so you can see the growth.

And now, the details.

Currently: 13 weeks, 4 days.

Cravings: Nothing really out of the ordinary, but I’m REALLY craving sushi (especially a spicy tuna roll), but I know I can’t have it so it will have to wait until post-baby. I would say though that while I’m not really craving anything, it has been interesting how I will eat something one day and want nothing to do with it the next. Doesn’t last too long, but can’t eat the same things back-to-back.

Weight Gain: From my last step on the scale, I am up 2 lbs.

Sickness: I have been lucky enough to not have morning (or any time of day) sickness. I’ve felt nauseated a few times, but nothing that hasn’t passed pretty quickly. And I’ve gotten better at remembering to take my vitamin with food.

Sleep: Probably getting too much. Instead of sickness in the first trimester, I was just extremely fatigued. I can definitely tell my energy is picking back up now, but I’m definitely sleeping more than usual. The caffeine withdrawal may have had something to do with that as well.

Mood: Definitely happy. We are so excited and feel so blessed. It is truly surreal to see the baby during the ultrasounds.

Symptoms: Starting to get headaches a little more often, but nothing else.

Looking Forward To: Everything! But probably our next ultrasound and getting started on the nursery. We’ll make sure to keep you all posted on the nursery and our ideas. Jed has already volunteered to build the crib!

I’m sure more things will come up, but if there’s anything else you want to know post a comment and I’ll make sure to include it in future updates.


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