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A Belated Holiday Letter

Hello Friends and Family,

You may think we’ve been hiding under a rock, but 2012 proved to be a very busy year for us, and albeit late, we would still like to share with you what we’ve been up to.

A 2012 Recap

Jed and his cake.
Jed and his cake.

We kicked off the year with Jed’s 30th birthday – a milestone he wasn’t too thrilled about. Shortly afterwards he headed to Afghanistan for his fourth tour of duty with the Iowa Air National Guard. The dogs and I held down the fort pretty well.

Upon returning from Afghanistan in April, Jed and I finally got around to going on our honeymoon! We took a week vacation to Oahu and I wish we were still there. We had fun visiting the Honolulu Zoo, the North Shore and Hanauma Bay. We also enjoyed time on the beach, going deep sea fishing and attending an authentic luau.

Target Center.
Target Center.

Over the summer we did some tri-state traveling. Around the fourth of July we went out to Nebraska to visit with Jed’s father and extended family. Next we headed up to Minnesota in August to check in on the Goerne’s and take in a Twins game and some rides at Valleyfair. We finished our summer travels with a quick jaunt over to Chicago to pick up some furniture and see family as well.

We also spent a good part of the summer refinishing one of our rooms in the basement. If we never have to remove paint from our walls again, I think it would still be too soon.

In the fall, with Jed’s encouragement and support, I decided (after deliberating back and forth for some time) to leave my current position and pursue freelance writing and marketing work. It’s definitely been a learning curve and slow start with the holidays and lots of traveling in the past month, but I’m hoping it picks up soon.

December was a busy month for us. We received news in early December that Jed’s father Byron, was not doing well, so we decided to take a trip back for a few days to spend time with him. Upon returning to Iowa and hunkering down for a few days during the blizzard of 2012, we re-packed our bags and then headed up to Minnesota for Christmas with the Goerne’s.

We kept a low profile on New Year’s Eve staying in and hiding from the wintry temperatures. A few days later, on January 6th, we received the sad news that Byron had passed away. So 2013 didn’t start out quite how we planned. But we do know that Byron is now in a better place with Judy, watching over all of us.

But while we were back visiting Byron in December, we did get to share some exciting news with him that brightened his day . . .

We’re Expecting!

The Announcement!
The Announcement!

We are so excited for this new adventure and feel so blessed. We’ll make sure to keep everyone posted on Baby Holl’s progress on this blog.

We hope you had a great holiday season and happy new year and wish everyone the best in 2013.

The Holl’s


5 thoughts on “A Belated Holiday Letter

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Jed’s dad. Chris’ dad passed away back in October and it’s a hard thing to go through.

    So excited to hear your big news, congratulations!!! 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about Jed’s dad, but SO EXCITED to hear about the baby! Guess that means you won’t be joining us for sushi any time soon! 😉 Take care and miss you at the office!

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