Now and Then: Part 1

Nostalgia hit me right upside the head a couple of weeks ago when a co-worker of mine brought in one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while – an original Lite-Brite.

I’ve had the discussion of long-lost toys with others before, but seeing the Lite-Brite reminded me of all the toys I grew up with that you can’t find (easily) anymore. I’ve already told my husband that I would love to find and collect toys (and games) from our childhood to have for our future children to play with. So what are those toys I would like to collect? Check out my horribly awesome collage of toys from the 80’s and 90’s that I grew up on. Any of these ring a bell with you?

Once I started looking all these toys up, about another 25 popped in my head, but I wanted to include the ones that really stuck out. The original Little People from Fisher-Price were probably my favorite and I also enjoyed the bubble mower (until my dad taught me how to use the real one and I actually had to mow the lawn – not so much fun.)

We do have a few of these items (and some not shown) already in our possession that were handed down from our childhood, but Target (because it’s such a cool store) has started to bring back some of the original Fisher-Price toys such as the Chatter Telephone and Classic Record Player.

I’m assuming that a lot of these toys were discontinued or re-designed to account for the fact that they were choking hazards. I don’t remember trying to eat my Little People or Micro Machines, but my parents would probably have better memories of my attempts than me. Regardless, they were awesome and hopefully we can continue our search and collection.

On another note, there were a couple that I completely despised such as Furby’s and Pete the Repeat Talking Parrot. Both were toys my younger brother had, and both creeped me out.

So what are some of the toys you grew up with? And what are the toys you think people will reminisce about in 15-20 years?

Stay tuned for more reminiscing from yours truly.


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