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This has been a busy week all-around. So I’m warning you that this post is a little longer than most.

For starters, this past Tuesday was our second anniversary. It’s crazy to think we’ve been married for two years already, but it’s been the most wonderful two years of my life. I think it helps when you’re married to your best friend.

When we got married, we said we would try to travel somewhere each year for our anniversary. Well, we’re 0 – 2 right now. But we did end up deciding to alternate planning each year. So I started with this year.

I wanted to get something for my husband that he wouldn’t expect, but I also wanted to keep the gift in-line with traditional anniversary gifts. Cotton is the traditional gift for a second anniversary. The easy way out would’ve been socks, underwear or a handkerchief, but that would be too easy, right.

So I thought about what would be fun to do together. And then it hit me – a hot air balloon ride. We’ve talked about it before and thought it would be fun. We’ve gone skydiving (twice) so this would be a piece of cake, if I could get a reservation. I called Z Balloons and it just so happened that they had an opening on our anniversary! I guess you could call that fate.

But I still had a dilemma. Hot air balloons are not made out of cotton and I still wanted to get him a traditional anniversary gift AND somehow tell him with the gift that we were going to go in a hot air balloon.

I turned to the place where creativity oozes for inspiration – Pinterest.

I was looking through my boards for things I could do when I ran across this post. And then the light bulb turned on – screen print a cotton shirt! Genius. So I ran to the greatest store in the world – Target – and picked up a four pack of shirts (knowing that I would most likely mess up the first one).

And then I made a stencil of a hot air balloon and put the number 2 on it to represent our second anniversary.

*Side Note: I would have posted pictures of this whole process, but I was under a time crunch and had to keep this hidden from my husband – which was hard to do when he was around the house the whole week.

So I made my screen and prayed it would turn out since I didn’t really have time to make another one.

So on the morning of our anniversary I wrapped up his shirt and the homemade card I made him and put it on the table for him to open.

Check out the photos.

Anniversary Card

Screen Printed Anniversary ShirtI think he like’s it.

The shirt turned out better than I hoped for the first go-around, but I definitely learned a few things for the next one.

And the hot air balloon ride was awesome! We would have enjoyed a little more time up in the air, but considering it was the two of us, the pilot and another couple (who were also celebrating their second anniversary), it was a little like sardines in a can in the basket.

I would share photos, but I don’t have many because I was too paranoid about dropping my phone.

To add to the celebrations this week, our niece turned sixteen on Wednesday.

And what does every sixteen-year-old want for their birthday? I’m not sure as I’m not sixteen, but our niece wanted a car to go with her new license.

We’re not “rolling in the dough” so to speak, so we obviously weren’t going to buy her a car . . . or were we? We did end up finding one that was right in our price range.

Here was our gift to our sweet, sixteen-year-old niece:

A nice Barbie car filled to the brim with sweet, delicious candy (and a gift card for gas).

And of course, another homemade card:

That’s a little sneak peek into our past week.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Stay tuned for hopefully more frequent ramblings from yours truly.


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