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Early Present

So I am ashamed that I have not posted in a long time. I assure you that I do actually have a lot to post about, I have just come to two realizations:

1. I am busier than I think I am – and lazy. (This counts as one).

2. I am a horrible photographer and don’t like any of the photos I take of my projects, so I decided to make one of these. I’m almost done with it – just need a space for it to test out.

Anyway, to distract you from the lack of posts, I do want to share with you the newest item to my collection of “All Things Awesome”.

Which also happens to be my birthday present to myself.

I found this little gem on Craigslist and went to Hampton, IA to pick it up. And it is totally worth it – especially considering it’s in really good, working condition. It’s an Olympia SG-1 – which apparently is a very good brand of typewriters that were manufactured in Germany.

I can’t wait to start pretending to write my novel on this baby and sharing it with you all, but until then, I promise I will start posting on a somewhat regular basis (not that you probably care).

Over and out.



2 thoughts on “Early Present

  1. yay!! happy birthday to you!! hope you had a fun road trip, bummed I couldn’t make it. can’t wait to see your new gift to yourself!

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