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Des Moines: More Than Corn

I have to admit that Des Moines has grown on me.

It took a little adjusting moving from Minnesota – the land of 10,000 lakes, to
Des Moines . . . the 3rd largest insurance capital of the world.

But I have to say, Des Moines has truly amazed me with all that’s changed over the past
6-10 years (I’m including my college years, even though I didn’t pay much attention back then). I have also now dated myself.

Des Moinesians, in my opinion, have a lot to be proud of. And to prove that, I’ve provided a  list of just a few of those amazing things that have come out of the “middle of nowhere”.

1. 80/35 Musical Festival – This will be the 5th year of the festival. I remember attending the first year and seeing The Flaming Lips.

2. Raygun – The greatest T-shirt company in the world (and the only store my husband will actually shop at willingly). It should be required that everyone own a shirt from this store.

3. Zoo Brew – Want something to do Wednesday night after work?  The Blank Park Zoo started hosts Zoo Brew every Wednesday night during the summer. Check out what the penguins are up to while enjoying a cold one. Awesome.

4. Iowa Caucuses – Even if you’re not the most politically active individual, the caucuses are definitely worth participating in. Very interesting process and one not to miss.

5. Accolades – Des Moines is actually known for more than growing corn (not potatoes). Check out how Des Moines ranks against other metropolitan areas. Either someone’s bribing Forbes, or we’re just that awesome (and for those wondering, it’s the latter).

And the most recent addition to this list?

The Color Run this October! We will be front and center for this crazy event hopefully having as much fun as these people.


I’m excited to see what else Des Moines has in store.


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