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Cakes and Candy

I’ve been helping with a lot of event planning and coordination at work lately and it reminded me of planning our wedding (and both receptions). And, since I recently posted about reusing our wedding program to help wrangle cards, I thought – why not take a walk down memory lane and share some of the photos and ideas from our wedding day and (first) reception.

Don’t worry – I’ll try to make this quick and fun. Yes – “That’s what she said” (pervs).

The Ring (& Box)

My husband has a way better memory than I give him credit for. We went to the Des Moines Arts Festival a few years back and I LOVED this box. I remember telling him “This would be the perfect box for a ring”. I bought it and kept it on my dresser (for years). He obviously remembered what I said about it and when we went out of town (when he proposed), he was sneaky and grabbed it to put the ring in for the proposal.

Ceremony Decorations

We were married at the Cottonmill Amphitheater in Kearney, Nebraska. Since it was outdoors and there weren’t any shelters to decorate other than an arbor, we had to get a little creative on how we could incorporate some of our wedding colors. So we bought some small lanterns and used flameless candles. We also had small hydrangea arrangements and alternated the lanterns and flower arrangements at the end of the benches of the amphitheater. Rose petals were used in the lanterns as well as throughout the walkways.

Reception Decorations & Ideas

We combined our seating arrangements and favors into one! We used different Jelly Belly flavors to denote seating. Apart from guest names and table numbers on the cards, each jar corresponded with the color/flavor at each table. The wedding party had a combination of flavors. So yummy!

Recognize anything on the table? Yep. Those are the small flower arrangements from the ceremony. We used the small arrangements and lanterns as centerpieces for the tables at the reception.

The favors were a huge hit. Something fun, colorful and of course, sweet. I think my husband set a new world record for most Jelly Belly’s consumed from our leftovers.

The Cakes

We wanted a very simple, sweet cake but we also wanted more than one flavor option. So we did both the wedding and groom’s cake in different flavors. The wedding cake had fresh flowers that matched the centerpieces and my bouquet. Since my husband works at the 132nd Fighter Wing, I thought the emblem would be fun for his grooms cake (it would have been awesome to have a cake in the shape of an F-16).

So that’s a very, very quick overview of our ceremony and reception. I’ll post photos from our Des Moines reception later since I promised this post would be short.

Over and out.


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