A Name . . . or a Destiny?

So here is my latest curiosity:
Do people take their names into consideration when deciding their career fields? 

Why do I wonder this? Because I have had more than one experience with an unusual or ironic name – for example, a past family doctor of ours in Minnesota –  Dr. Payne. Really!

Or how about Dr. Hurt. Seriously?! Yes, another example of a doctor in Minnesota (and no, this is not a Minnesota-thing, even though it sounds that way). There is a Dr. Harms at the clinic I go to now.

Anyway, I did what most people do when they have a question. I Googled it.

Nominal determinism, anyone? An interesting theory.

My opinion – take the Dr. Chopp approach and have some fun with it.

Anyone else have any interesting name/career field examples? From my quick search it seems like doctors and lawyers have the bulk of them, but I’d love to hear about others.


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