Hawaiian Highlights


Now that we’ve been back to reality for a week, it’s time to go back in time and pretend we are still in Oahu. Our vacation was awesome so I thought I would share some highlights and photos from our week in paradise. Enjoy!

Sunday: Honolulu Zoo & Beach Time
The zoo was very close to our hotel so we decided to head there first. They have giraffes the size of buildings! Just kidding, but I like that shot.

Honolulu ZoopTortoise

Monday: North Shore & Turtle Bay
We got to North Shore early in the morning and it was gorgeous. It was so calming to walk along the beaches and listen to the waves roll in. We also spotted our first sea turtle of the trip.

North ShoreSea TurtleShore Line

Tuesday: Sport Fishing & Duke’s
I did not end up asking about the banana superstition, but I also made sure not to eat/wear/bring any banana products with me. Luck wasn’t on my side that day as I didn’t catch anything – but Jed did (the smaller one). I’m just proud that I didn’t get seasick. We also went to Duke’s for dinner that night – a must do.

Jed's CatchThe boat and crewDuke

Wednesday: Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay 
This bay was so beautiful. For anyone heading to Oahu, I recommend going to Hanauma Bay . . . and going early to get a good spot on the beach.

Hanauma BayHanuama Bay 2

Thursday: Luau Time at the Polynesian Cultural Center
We got to enjoy “the most authentic” luau, eat some great food and then see Ha: Breath of Life. We also drove by the ranch (Kualoa Ranch) where a scene from Jurassic Park was filmed (probably the highlight of my night).

LuauStatuesLuau 2

Friday: Pearl Harbor
On our last day we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. It was surreal walking around and taking in everything that happened there 70 years ago. It is also amazing to think about how history was changed in two short hours on that day.

Gun turret on USS ArizonaArizona MemorialFirst draft of speech

So there you have it – a quick overview of our trip to Oahu. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place, we definitely want to get back again before too long.



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