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Bananas, Boats and Bad Luck

My husband and I are finally taking our belated honeymoon to the wonderful islands of Hawaii – Oahu to be specific.

While we want to see and do everything while we’re there, we narrowed down a few activities that we really wanted to do, including sport fishing.

So I started looking around on the World Wide Web (one of my favorite past times) for different charters and types of excursions. After looking at all the options, I called Tom’s Barefoot Tours (who were super helpful) to ask questions and reserve our spot on the Inter Island Sportfishing charter.

After dates, times and the general details were covered, we were sent our vouchers and also instructed on what to bring . . . and what not to bring. Specifically, glass bottles and bananas. Glass bottles made sense, bananas did not.

So my curiosity was piqued – why not bananas? Not that I was necessarily planning on bringing any.

I didn’t get to ask our contact why this was so I did a little investigative research of my own and here’s what I found:

1. Freeloaders, bad gas and the age-old “slip on a banana peel”
2. Sinking boats, no fish and clothing superstitions
3. Lost at sea – and all the above reasons as well

Based on this information, I have determined that I will not be eating any banana products before our fishing trip. I won’t wear Banana Republic or Fruit of the Loom clothing and we will not use Banana Boat sunscreen. And of course, we will not be bringing any bananas with us on board.

Think it’s a little overboard? Maybe. But I also want to catch a fish so I will respect these superstitions and the expertise of those that spend their life on the sea. I am also planning on asking our Captain what his banana superstitions are.

And now I have a theme song for the day.


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