Baby Boy: Whatever-Week-It-Is Update

So I missed a few weeks. I wish I would have posted, but I honestly have had NO time. The past few weeks have been so busy and exhausting. We closed on our new house on July 15th and moved in the weekend of July 17th. The two days beforehand I spent late nights getting the kids’ rooms painted. The following Monday was the first day of the big oak tree removal at our old house (it was struck by lightning and was dying).

My parents actually took Charlotte up to their house in MN that week after we moved because it was just chaotic with the tree removal and moving in/moving out. It was a good move as she got some much-needed Grandma/Grandpa time and we got time to focus on the houses. To save some money, we had the tree removal guys take down the tree, but we cut it up/hauled it. Let’s just say this was a BIG job and Jed finished it up tonight (bringing back the last of leftover wood), but it all worked out for the most part. I’m glad people like free firewood as we really didn’t have to haul anything, just what we wanted for the new house.

My younger brother actually stayed with us that week as well to help Jed with the tree and to help me at the house with heavy lifting. It was a HUGE help and we really appreciate all he did (like getting our storage unit emptied).

The week after, we headed up to MN to drop off Kevin and pick-up Charlotte and head up to the lake for a vacation (which we hadn’t had since Christmas). It was important for us to take some time and get away during all this craziness and before baby boy arrives. While it may not have been a truly “relaxing” vacation (is there such a thing with a toddler?), it was fun and we had a good time. We celebrated my and Charlotte’s birthdays up there with my family (they came up about mid-way through the week). We took Charlotte to her first movie (Minions) and she sat through the whole thing. We went swimming in the lake, boating, went to the International Wolf Center (saw wolves on our dirt road, too) and a lot more. My older brother even surprised us and came up with his dog, Brock. So it was a full cabin (7 people, 3 dogs)!

We got back Sunday, August 2nd and since then have been juggling our time between the two houses as we’re getting the old house ready for closing tomorrow! Jed has basically been at the old house every day after work/late. So I’m ready to have him home with us! Oh, in between all of this, Charlotte turned 2! What!!!

So that’s the long and short of why I haven’t posted. Every night is a late night and we’re constantly doing something!

But, I do have updates on baby boy!

Currently: 33 weeks,  1 day

Cravings: Sweets still.

Weight Gain: Enough. I have no idea, but I don’t really want to know. I haven’t weighed in for a while so I have no idea.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night, but it’s harder to get comfortable. Moving back and forth from side to side.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Excited and tired. I’m looking forward to spending some time getting his room ready now that we’re in the new house. I have some ideas for it if I ever get time to actually work on it.

Symptoms: A little heartburn/reflux. Just depends on how I am laying and when I last ate. He moves a lot, which I love, but he’s head down, so his feet have now found my rib cage and sitting in certain positions is a little more uncomfortable.

Looking Forward To: Closing on our old house so that we don’t have to keep splitting up our time. Jed and I joke that we haven’t really seen each other for a few weeks, which is kind of true because we’re usually at different houses getting things done. We’re also having a small birthday for Charlotte for Jed’s side of the family this Saturday, so it will be nice to catch up with the family and have the cousins over to play.

Maternity Clothes: You betcha!

Other News: I had my follow-up ultrasound last Thursday to check the placement of the placenta. Because I was so far along when they said I had placenta previa, I convinced and prepared myself for needing to have a c-section, which is what they recommend for this because of risks. So I went in thinking that I would be leaving needing to think of which day we would want to meet him. But I was shocked as the placenta moved and I am now cleared to have him naturally! I was so excited to hear this news! I was not expecting it. I am all about whatever is best and safest for the baby and myself, but I was not thrilled about having a c-section as that was not my preferred birth plan. So it all worked out! Great news to end a chaotic few weeks.

During the ultrasound he had the hiccups and they were able to see that he actually has hair! Not sure how much, but we saw a little. He is also head down, so he’s in perfect position! Now we just need to let him have more time to put on weight. He measured 4 lbs. 9 oz. and is in the 54% percentile for size (3 days ahead).

We had Charlotte’s 2-year check-up this past Monday and she is doing awesome. The doctor was impressed with her speech (at least that’s what I took from it). She’s a little chatterbox. She is 35″ tall (79% percentile), 26 lbs., 5 oz. (46% percentile) and her head is 47.5″ cm (50% percentile). So, she is kind of a string bean.

Below is a belated 30-week photo! I have a 33-week picture, but it’s on Jed’s phone, so that will be posted at a later date, along with lots of other photos from “vacation”, birthday, houses, etc.





Baby Boy: 28 Week Update

It is finally upon us! The week we close on our new house. Everything is going to get really busy, really fast and after last week’s drama, we’ll see how this week goes. We actually close on the new house on Wednesday morning and we’ll spend the evenings/nights getting the kid’s rooms painted and moving some items in Jed’s truck to get started, but the big move will be on Saturday morning.

Currently: 28 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Nothing really. Ok, that’s a lie – cheeseburgers.

Weight Gain: Not sure. At my last checkup I had gained 22 lbs. so probably another pound or so.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: I sleep through the night, but it is getting harder to move from side to side to get comfortable.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Excited. We’re so excited to get into the new house. It’s going to be a lot of change, but good change.

Symptoms: A little cramping here and there, but nothing that lasts or hurts. A little reflux depending on what I eat and when – especially if I eat anything remotely spicy before bed.

Looking Forward To: Moving and then going on vacation to the lake. I can’t wait to get Charlotte back up to the lake now that she is such a little explorer. I think we’ll have a hard time keeping her inside! It should hopefully be a good end to a crazy few weeks.

Maternity Clothes: For sure!

Other News: I had my follow-up ultrasound last week. You can read about it here, but basically they said that I do have placenta previa. A part of the placenta is covering my cervix (and baby boy’s way out). So I’m scheduled to go back in 4 weeks to check to see if it’s moved or not and at that time they will determine if I need to have a c-section or not. If I do, they said they usually schedule them around 36 or 37 weeks.

Also, this boy is a mover! He is very sporadic when he decides to move, but when he does, it’s all over the place. Charlotte was always pretty consistent, moving mostly at night when I was getting ready to go to sleep, but this guy moves in the morning, afternoon, night – whenever he feels like it. Luckily it’s not hurting yet, but I do wonder what he’s doing sometimes.





Can We Get A Break, Please!

Today started as a typical Thursday, but definitely did not end as one.

Everything was hunky-dory as I got Charlotte up this morning, we had breakfast, watched a little Curious George and then headed to daycare. I brought her eye drops with her as she has pink eye in her left eye. She’s been doing the drops well enough. I drop her off and head back home to get some work done before my ultrasound appointment.

My appointment was at 10:20 this morning and I got in there and got to see little man again, which is always exciting. The purpose of this ultrasound was to check the location of the placenta based on my ultrasound from last week. He cooperated really well for them to get all his measurements (he’s now 2 lbs. 13 oz.!), but he was good at hiding his face, so we didn’t get to see his profile. They checked his kidneys as well. Everything looked good – his right kidney is his pelvic kidney. The mentioned something about his left kidney (I should have had them write it down) about their being some sort of duplication, but I didn’t really catch it.

Once the ultrasound was done, the doctor came in to give her diagnosis on the placenta. The good news – it’s not what my doctor was worried about last week, which was a blood vessel issue. The not-so-good news – I do have placenta previa and some of the placenta is covering part of my cervix on the left side. So they said they wanted to see my again in 4 weeks to check if it’s moved or not. Seems like it’s a 50/50 chance at this point since I’m already this far along. Honestly, if I went with my gut feeling, I don’t think it’s going to move, but I really hope it does. If it does not move, then the recommendation would be to have a c-section around 36-37 weeks. So we’ll wait some more and see.

After my appointment I went home to continue to work. A little before 1 p.m. I got a call from our daycare provider. She stated that Charlotte had lunch and was outside playing afterwards and that something must have bit or stung her as her check and right eye were swollen. She said she was very uncomfortable and that I should come get her. Luckily I was at home and daycare is close to our current house so I got there within 5 minutes. I walked in and her whole right side of her face was swollen and she was definitely uncomfortable and I could also hear her having a little difficulty breathing. So my plan was to drive her down to the ER, but I was too worried that something would happen en route, so I called 911. Let’s just say I was a little emotional at this moment. The paramedics showed up within a few minutes and we went into the ambulance to have her checked out. They said they thought it was an insect sting – probably a bee or something. They listened to her lungs and said she sounded ok and said I could either take her down to the ER in my car or they could take her, but they were comfortable with her current condition to let me take her if I wanted. I decided to take her since she was calming down. So we get in the car and start out trek to the ER and within a minute she starts throwing up. She threw up twice, so I pulled over and checked on her. She was obviously upset about that, but seemed to feel better getting it out. So I continued to the hospital constantly checking her in my rear view mirror.

Hanging out in the ER

Hanging out in the ER

When we got to the hospital I got her out and took off her shirt that was soaked in vomit and noticed she started getting hives where the vomit had made contact with her skin. Good thing we were at the ER. We got in immediately and started the question/answer segment while they took her vitals. Without knowing exactly what happened to her, the doctor said he believed it to be a bee sting allergy, but it was definitely an allergy with her symptoms – swollen, hives, vomiting, some shortness of breath. So they gave her a shot of epinephrine, an oral steroid, an oral antihistamine, and an albuterol treatment. They also put in an IV for fluids. This poor girl has been poked and prodded way more that I would like and she’s not even 2 yet! But she’s such a trooper with everything. Recovers fast from any needles, takes medicine well and she was even talking to all the nurses and doctors and telling them it was a “Butterfly”.

So they kept us there for 4 hours of observation. The hives went away very quickly with the shot, so that was good. Upon discharge we were given 3 prescriptions and told to have a follow-up with our regular pediatrician tomorrow. We’re also going to need to go back to our allergist and have her tested for bee stings sometime in the next 6 weeks. We also now have more EpiPens, just in case.

Mommy's on the left, Charlie's on the right

Mommy’s on the left, Charlie’s on the right

I can say that when we decided to have a child, I never thought about these possibilities. I thought about asthma, since I have that, but never thought of how much she would take on from our family gene pool. My brothers each have allergies – my older brother and grandfather on my mom’s side to eggs. My younger brother to legumes and bees. The milk allergy is not in the family, so I’m hoping she grows out of that one! So her list has extended to include: milk, eggs, peanuts and now, probably bees.

It would probably be an understatement to say we did not win the health jackpot with her, but there are much worse illnesses and things that can/could be and I am so thankful that these are all manageable things. And with all of these hospital and doctor visits, it amazes me how awesome of a little human being she is. She is such a care-free, inquisitive little girl and takes everything in stride, always cooperating. All the nurses were amazed at how well she did. Hopefully we don’t have to seem them again anytime soon!

Anyway, we got home and rested and ate some dinner and took a bath. She ended her exhausting day in a humorous way (a first), by pooping in the tub. And that was exactly what we all needed at the end of this day – a little humor.

I Spy...Turds!

I Spy…Turds!


P.S. – In addition to all of this craziness, we’re moving into our new house next week (closing on Wednesday)! So we’re trying to get things packed and also get our current house wrapped up, which is going well. The buyer of our house sent her inspection items and we’re moving forward, so hopefully everything else from here on out runs smoothly. At least that’s what I’m praying for. I don’t know how much more I can handle!

Baby Boy: 27 Week Update

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Charlie’s daycare was closed on Thursday and Friday so she got some extra daddy/daughter time. We went to a local parade on the 4th and Charlotte was mostly interested in the chairs we brought, but she did great and we even got some candy that she could eat! That afternoon we went to my in-laws house to grill out and swim. Charlotte LOVES the water. I definitely need to get her in some swim lessons soon as I think she would do well. We spent most of Sunday working on packing up the house some more and getting ready for the busy week ahead!

Currently: 27 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Pretty much the same. Sweets.

Weight Gain: Ugh. I got weighed at my appointment on Thursday and I’m 142 lbs., which means I have gained 22 lbs. thus far.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Okay. I’ve been having weird dreams again lately and a little bit of heartburn at night if I eat too close to bedtime or if I eat something spicy.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Good, but exhausted.

Symptoms: My feet still hurt at night if I’ve been on them a lot. A little heartburn here and there. Definitely getting to that more uncomfortable stage, especially since I’m so hot all the time now. I usually run cold, so this is weird for me to constantly be warm. You can usually find my cooling off in the frozen section of the grocery store!

Looking Forward To: Moving and then working on baby boy’s room. I am in nesting mode, but I can’t do anything about it because we’re packing up to move to our new house on the 18th! It’s crazy to think that in less than 2 weeks, we’ll be in a new house. It’s exciting, but sad. I’ll miss our house, but I have to remind myself that we’ll be making awesome memories in the new house.

I have some ideas for his room, but those will wait until we move as I don’t have the time to look around or the place to put anything!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. Some yoga pants and t-shirts as well, but they are starting to get tight.

Other News: I had my doctor appointment last Thursday. I did the glucose test, an ultrasound and a regular check-up. I was nervous about the glucose since I didn’t pass the first test with Charlotte, but I passed this one! Thank goodness. I can’t stand that drink! Next was the ultrasound. Baby boy is doing well. He’s 2.9 lbs. They also checked the placement of the placenta and when I visited with the doctor, she stated that she wanted me to go down to the perinatal center for an ultrasound to check it. Nothing is covering my cervix, but there is a blood vessel that is close that is his blood supply so they want to get another opinion and check further to see if I will need to have a c-section or not. So I have that scheduled for this Thursday morning. Hopefully everything is ok. Obviously my biggest concern is our health – his and mine, but I was really hoping to not have to have a c-section since Charlie sort of paved the way and I’m not thrilled about them cutting into my stomach muscles. But we’ll just wait and see what they say.

So apparently pregnancy brain is getting the best of me. I looked up the size of the baby and it says “cauliflower”, which I did a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm… So we found something from the workshop that was 2.5 lbs.! I think its fitting since we’re having a boy :)


Can you tell I look more and more tired? I can! It’s definitely harder to get rest and look good while trying to chase a toddler around.



Baby Boy: 26 Week Update

Another busy week. I cannot believe it’s almost July! Where did June go? Summer is going way too fast. This month is going to probably be the busiest for us by far, so I guess I’m just going to have to hold on and hope everything goes smoothly.

Currently: 26 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Nothing too bad this past week.

Weight Gain: Not sure. I’ll find out on Thursday and lets just say I am not looking forward to knowing.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Fine. I sleep through the night still, but it’s getting a little harder to find a comfortable position.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Good. Excited and anxious. I’ll explain below!

Symptoms: My feet have started to ache more now, especially if I have been on them a lot. I think they may be a little swollen, but nothing bad.

Looking Forward To:Well, I’m mostly looking forward to my appointment this Thursday. I say mostly because I have to do the glucose test, which I am dreading. But I also get to have my ultrasound and regular check-up. I’m excited to see baby boy. He’s pretty active. Not at any particular time during the day, but when he does move, it’s a lot!

We’re also excited to be moving! We close on our new house on July 17th so we plan on moving that weekend. It’s really exciting, but I know it’s going to be crazy. I’m a little worried on how Charlotte will do since she associates our house with “home” and now we’re going to be going to a new home. We’re going to try to involve her as much as we can tolerate so she can understand what’s going on. She picks up on a lot, so I think if we have her help with her room, it will be good for her.

Maternity Clothes: You betcha! But also some yoga pants and regular t-shirts.

Other News: We had another offer on our house, which is great, but it’s hard to be optimistic until after the inspection, which is yet to be scheduled. One of the stipulations was that we remove the tree in the backyard that was struck by lightning last summer and which is now dying. We’re going to be doing it as it is a safety concern, but it’s a BIG tree (200+ year old white oak) and it’s expensive. Ugh. What luck, huh. But, it needs to get done. More updates on that as we go through this process…again. Hopefully this is the real deal and everything works out!

Anyways, in the midst of everything I forgot to purchase a head of lettuce, which is about the size of baby boy right now. So check out my sweet Photoshop skills below! Ha. There is a reason I was never a designer.