Baby Holl #2: 16 Week Update

So I have waited until the last possible moment, but I’m still technically at 16 weeks. We still have yet to give baby #2 a nickname, so hopefully we can figure that out soon. It’s been a little busy around here, which I’ll explain later in the post.

Currently: 16 weeks, 6 days.

Cravings: Still mostly junk food, but also fruit. My sweet tooth has emerged again and I’m trying to keep that in control.

Weight Gain: Still haven’t weighed myself. I’d guess around 4-5 pounds, although it’s probably more.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Sleeping well, but have had some really strange dreams. Very vivid.

Gender Prediction: I think boy, Jed thinks girl. We will be finding out, but not for a few more weeks.

Mood: Stressed. But that’s mostly because we’re in major house-hunt mode. We put our house on the market on April 10th, had a weekend of showings, and accepted an offer on Monday, April 13. So while that is great, we have no idea where we are going, which is a little stressful, especially because everything is going so fast its hard to even find anything let alone make an offer! But all good things. We will probably end up renting for a while so as not to feel rushed and settle with something.

Symptoms: Minor headaches, but nothing too bad. I had a little heartburn one day, but I love spicy/hot food, so I attribute it to that as well.

Looking Forward To: Finding our next home and finding out what baby #2 is!

Maternity Clothes: Pants are starting to get uncomfortable, so while we were packing/purging, I brought out the maternity clothes. Probably will need to wear them in the next week or so, but hoping I can make it through summer with dresses/skirts. Thankfully this is about the same time frame/season as my first pregnancy so I probably won’t need to get anything new.

Here’s week 16 baby bump. Apparently baby is the size of an avocado. I should know this from the first time around!

16 Weeks


Baby Holl #2: 15 Week Update

A goal of mine this pregnancy is to post weekly updates like I did when I was pregnant with Charlotte. I’m just curious to see how this pregnancy will be in comparison – cravings, size, emotions, etc. I really hope I can keep up with it since it’s pretty crazy in our household at the moment as we just officially listed our house and are in search of a new home. Lots of emotions going on with that!

But anyway, here is Baby #2’s (who we have yet to give a nickname) update.

Currently: 15 weeks, 2 days.

Cravings: This kid only wants fast food and junk food. I really need to get better with my eating as I want to be as healthy as I can, but man, it’s difficult.

Weight Gain: Haven’t weighed in yet, but assuming around the 4 lbs. so far.

Sickness: Nope.

Sleep: Great. Although I would like to get more, I sleep very soundly.

Gender Prediction: I think boy, Jed thinks girl. We will be finding out, but not for a few more weeks.

Mood: Better now that I have more energy, but overwhelmed with everything going on, especially with trying to sell/find a home.

Symptoms: Nothing too bad, but certain smells, especially beef, are not pleasing. I’m glad it’s almost grilling season so we can cook outside and keep the smells outdoors.

Looking Forward To: Looking for a new home and spending as much time with Charlotte before she has to share her Mommy and Daddy. I’m also looking forward to start working out more to keep in better shape. It was hard with Jed traveling to make it to a class or get out, but now I have more availability.

Maternity Clothes: Jeggings are awesome, so I’m wearing those to avoid the maternity jeans as long as I can. So technically not yet, but it’s not far off.

And below is my first bump photo. The apple represents the size of the baby at 15 weeks. It doesn’t look like much of a bump, but that’s because my chest has basically quadrupled in size. Ugh.

15 Weeks_edited

Allergy Update

I mentioned in my last post that I would give you all an update on our recent trip to the allergist. We had an appointment about three weeks ago to re-test her milk protein allergy to see if she’s started to outgrow it or not. During the visit, we also asked to discuss asthma with the Doctor since she has had four episodes this past fall/winter of wheezing, shortness of breath, etc.

I grew up with severe asthma, as did my mother. My older brother has more sports-induced, but my younger brother does not have it.

Anyways, we went to the appointment and started with the possible asthma diagnosis. Turns out they did diagnose her with asthma (not too shocked). Based on some of the parameters, children need to show one of the following signs: need for steroids at least once in last six months, episodes of wheezing, need for albuterol and noticeable difference after using it.

Guess what! Charlie hit all three of those. She was actually given steroids all four times she was sick, as well as albuterol neb treatments, and in some cases an antibiotic as well.

So we are now on a preventative medication. They gave us the option of an inhaler with a spacer or nebs and I decided to do the nebs since she’s much better at taking those and I feel the medicine actually gets in better that way. So we give a neb in the morning and before bed. She seems to be doing well. We’ll go back in three months to check-up. If she’s doing well, she may not need them during the summer, but will probably need to start them back up in the fall as fall/winter are the worst months for triggers, such as viral that we’ve seen with her.

So next we discussed the allergy tests. In addition to the milk protein numbers to check, we also had them check for eggs and peanuts. We were told last year when she was diagnosed with the milk allergy to avoid these two things because we have a history of egg allergy in the family (my older brother and grandfather), and peanuts seem to be a more common child food allergy. Since we were told to avoid these, we decided to check just to see if we really needed to or if she did have an actual allergy to them.

So we went and had her blood drawn (she didn’t cry at all and watched the whole thing!).

The results. Not what I wanted to hear/see.

She is still highly allergic to the milk protein. She is a “Class 5 – Strongly Positive” based on her IgE levels (she’s at 96.3 and the top of the level is 99.9).

She is a “Class 4 – Strongly Positive” for egg white allergen. Strongly positive is between 17.5 – 49.9 and she is a 28. They did note that we could come back in six months to re-check this.

For peanuts, she is “Class 3 – Positive”. Positive levels are between 3.5 – 17.4 and she is a 5.42. I’m hoping since she’s on the lower end of this that she will outgrow this one.

So we are continuing to avoid all three and the nurse made sure to ask if we have an EpiPen. Which we have multiple and hope to never have to use. I saw a recent article that said these are actually the top 3 child food allergies.

It definitely makes cooking and eating out more difficult, but I’m glad we’re able to find this information out to avoid any bad reactions. My biggest concern is the fact that she eats table food and is able to reach a lot of things now. She doesn’t understand yet that certain foods will make her sick, so it’s really up to us and others to be aware when there’s food around with her and to keep these items out of her reach. She always wants what you’re eating, so we try to only eat things she can have when she’s around.

I need to start looking up more vegan-type recipes to try since we’re limited. If anyone has any good recipes void of dairy, eggs and peanuts, please send them my way!

Luckily there are a lot more options at the grocery story in the health/organic section and substitutes are easy. She is definitely a healthy eater because of this. Not many options for sweets are available, and those that are available are healthier options.

So that’s our long-winded update. I really hope she outgrows many/all of these health issues.

Baby Makes Four!

If we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw our big news, but I thought it would also be a good idea to update my blog followers!


We’re expecting again!

We are so excited for this news, but it definitely means we need to expedite some things – specifically, finding a new house and selling our current one.

We were planning on moving anyways because we knew we wanted to grow our family, but now it’s a priority. We LOVE our current house and I wish it were just a bit bigger. It has so much character and we really like the location, but we’re starting to spill out of it and honestly, being on a separate floor from children is not what I want, which is what we currently have.

It’s going to be really sad when we move, but hopefully the next house has some of the conveniences I’ve been missing – like a garage that I can actually park in!

We are hoping to list our house in the next few weeks. Timing has not been on our side this year so far. Jed was gone for 6 weeks to Texas for training and when he returned, they informed him he needed to go for additional training in New Mexico for what was originally supposed to be two weeks, but ended up as three weeks because of miscommunication. So he was gone for six weeks, home for barely three weeks and is now gone again for three weeks. Not ideal when you’re trying to get your house ready to put on the market and try to look for houses.

I really hope he doesn’t need to travel again for a long time as he’s been gone for so long over the past almost two years. Plus, as I get bigger, I’m going to need a little more help with our very active toddler.

As far as pregnancy goes, the first trimester was not very pleasant. Jed was gone and Charlie and I were passing illnesses back and forth every week. I was probably a little more susceptible than usual because of the pregnancy. I was also extremely fatigued and had little motivation, which was difficult when you’re a working mom with a husband that’s away. Apart from fatigue, I didn’t really get morning sickness. I got nauseous once, but it didn’t last too long. All my symptoms (apart from getting sick) were pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Charlie.

I’m feeling much better now and have a lot more energy. Hopefully it stays that way because it’s going to be a busy summer/rest of year for us!

Charlie is still a little young to grasp the baby, but when we ask her where the baby is she’ll point to me or my tummy (sometimes her own tummy). I think she is going to be an awesome big sister and she’s already a great little helper (so far)!

It’s a little hard to grasp the idea that we’re having another child. Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the pregnancy or because I’m so preoccupied with everything else in life, but it hasn’t quite hit me yet.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now on the pregnancy. I’ll be doing another post shortly about our update on Charlie and her food allergy since we went to the doctor last week.

18 Month . . . errr . . . 19 Month Update

So I’m a little behind on posting Charlie’s 18-month update, but we only just had her well-check appointment last Monday, Feb. 23 (because of her vaccination schedule). So I’ll get to the “stats” later on in the post, but thought I would give a little update on her personality and our life with a toddler!

She seems to have really taken off lately with her vocabulary. She’s trying new words every week, sometimes every day. Sometimes they come out very clear and other times it’s not so clear, but it’s mostly there, and of course, as her mother, I understand most of the half-words.

So what does she say? New words include: Snack, milk, book, hat, go, Tank (although it comes out more like Tek), boot, shoes, and cookie (she says this exactly like Cookie Monster does, which is hilarious). She also tries to say her cousin’s name, Ariella, and it comes out ella-ella, which is adorable as well.

Other words that she has been saying for a while include: Please, thank you, more, mommy, mama, daddy, ball, baby, bubbles, eat, puppy, no, yes, and then animal sounds like meow, woof, etc.

In between actual words, she gabs up an incomprehensible storm.

Her comprehension is very good (in my opinion). We can ask her to do something and she knows exactly what we’re saying and usually does it. She knows most of the farm animal sounds and if you ask her to find a specific animal, she is almost always correct.

She is crazy. She doesn’t stop moving. She really has no fear and loves to climb on anything she is able to, including the coffee table. She loves to run. Let her go in a wide open space and she’s the happiest kid you’ll ever see.

She is definitely a mix of Jed and myself. She is cautious with new people at first, but warms up quickly (a mom trait). She is a funny girl – loves to laugh (a dad trait), along with her daring nature. Her favorite activity is still reading books (Thank goodness!). We introduced the iPad this past month when she was sick every other week, and while it’s something we limit, it’s amazing at how quickly they pick things up. We downloaded the PBS Kids app that has all their shows, and she can work that app over like no one’s business. She mostly just likes to play the show intros to listen to the theme songs (over, and over, and over again).

She loves observing people. She will watch others closely and mimic their actions. It’s easy to take her out because she’s excited to get out and just watch whats going on.

She has started to show that toddler rebellion, testing her/our limits. She will do things we specifically tell her not to, such as throwing food down for the dogs. Her tantrums are quite funny as she’ll get on the floor on her back and just whine, but she’ll watch us to see if we react, which we don’t. We just let her do her thing and she gets up pretty quickly and finds something else to do. Distraction seems to be the best solution to those situations.

We did find out this winter that she is not a fan of snow – at all! She won’t even stand on the sidewalk if there’s snow on it. She freaks out. So hopefully she gets over this fear, otherwise she’s going to have some miserable winters.

We were supposed to go to the allergist last week to get her re-tested for her milk allergy to see if it’s improved at all, but her and I were sick so I had to cancel it. We have it rescheduled and will see if she’s starting to grow out of it or not (I really hope so). So still no dairy, eggs or peanuts. The eggs and peanuts are just because we have a family history, but when we go in, I’m going to ask them to test for those as it would be really nice to make scrambled eggs for her, since we’re already pretty limited with food. We’ll also be talking about diagnosing her with asthma as this past week marked the fifth incident of her wheezing/having difficulty breathing due to getting a cold.

She loves to eat and is a good eater. Vegetables, fruits, meat – she eats it all. Spaghetti is probably her favorite, now along with cookies (which are really Annie’s Bunny Grahams). She drinks enriched rice milk and water. We’ve never really given her juice, but have tried a couple of times and she’s not into it, which is fine.

Well, that’s the long and short of it. There’s so much more that she does every day that amazes me, but I would have to write a novel to cover that. All in all, she’s a happy-go-lucky toddler that enjoys the company of others and interacting with people.

Here are her “stats”. I have a feeling it’s not going to take long for her to surpass me in height.

Charlotte Mae – 18-Month (and 19 days) Update

2 Weeks = 9 lbs., 2 oz. – 75th percentile
2 Months = 13 lbs., 11 oz. –  97th percentile
4 Months = 15 lbs., 15 oz. – 90th percentile
6 months = 17 lbs., 10 oz. – 78th percentile
9 months = 19 lbs., 3 oz. – 55th percentile
12 months = 21 lbs., 12 oz. – 60th percentile
15 months = 22 lbs., 8 oz. – 43rd percentile
18 months = 23 lbs., 9 oz. – 36% percentile

2 Weeks = 21.3″ – 81st percentile
2 Months = 24.5″ – 97th percentile
4 Months = 26.5″ – 97th percentile
6 months = 27″ – 86th percentile
9 months = 29.8″ – 97th percentile
12 months = 30″ – 77th percentile
15 months = 31.6″ – 79th percentile
18 months = 33.3″ – 85th percentile

Head Circumference:
2 Weeks = 36.5 cm – 61st percentile
2 Months = 40.5 cm – 86th percentile
4 Months = 41 cm – 48th percentile
6 months = 43.4 cm – 74th percentile
9 months = 44 cm – 49th percentile
12 months = 44 cm – 20th percentile
15 months = 46.6 cm – 68th  percentile
18 months = 47 cm – 60th percentile


In other news, Jed got back from his six weeks of training on Feb. 27. And guess what! He gets to leave again on March 15 to warmer weather again! He has to go for an additional two weeks of training to New Mexico. So, I guess life as a single parent isn’t quite over yet. I really hope this is the end of training and travel for a long time. It’s not necessarily harder, but there are differences now that Charlie is older and understands that Daddy isn’t around.

Now on to the best part of the post – pictures!