Baby Boy: 26 Week Update

Another busy week. I cannot believe it’s almost July! Where did June go? Summer is going way too fast. This month is going to probably be the busiest for us by far, so I guess I’m just going to have to hold on and hope everything goes smoothly.

Currently: 26 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Nothing too bad this past week.

Weight Gain: Not sure. I’ll find out on Thursday and lets just say I am not looking forward to knowing.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Fine. I sleep through the night still, but it’s getting a little harder to find a comfortable position.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Good. Excited and anxious. I’ll explain below!

Symptoms: My feet have started to ache more now, especially if I have been on them a lot. I think they may be a little swollen, but nothing bad.

Looking Forward To:Well, I’m mostly looking forward to my appointment this Thursday. I say mostly because I have to do the glucose test, which I am dreading. But I also get to have my ultrasound and regular check-up. I’m excited to see baby boy. He’s pretty active. Not at any particular time during the day, but when he does move, it’s a lot!

We’re also excited to be moving! We close on our new house on July 17th so we plan on moving that weekend. It’s really exciting, but I know it’s going to be crazy. I’m a little worried on how Charlotte will do since she associates our house with “home” and now we’re going to be going to a new home. We’re going to try to involve her as much as we can tolerate so she can understand what’s going on. She picks up on a lot, so I think if we have her help with her room, it will be good for her.

Maternity Clothes: You betcha! But also some yoga pants and regular t-shirts.

Other News: We had another offer on our house, which is great, but it’s hard to be optimistic until after the inspection, which is yet to be scheduled. One of the stipulations was that we remove the tree in the backyard that was struck by lightning last summer and which is now dying. We’re going to be doing it as it is a safety concern, but it’s a BIG tree (200+ year old white oak) and it’s expensive. Ugh. What luck, huh. But, it needs to get done. More updates on that as we go through this process…again. Hopefully this is the real deal and everything works out!

Anyways, in the midst of everything I forgot to purchase a head of lettuce, which is about the size of baby boy right now. So check out my sweet Photoshop skills below! Ha. There is a reason I was never a designer.





Baby Boy: 25 Week Update

I’m back on track (barely) with these posts! Life continues to get busier with summertime and everything else going on – mainly house stuff. I’m not going to go into much detail, but the buyer on our house fell through, so ours is on the market . . . again. Not what I wanted to deal with, but she basically got cold feet/overwhelmed and walked. We’re trying our best to stay positive, but it’s hard some days. The process on the new house is going well, so we have that to look forward to. Anyways, on to better things, like Baby Boy!

Currently: 25 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Sweets and cereal. I need to get it under control!

Weight Gain: Not sure and not looking forward to finding out at my appointment next week. It’s definitely more than when I was pregnant with Charlie.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Good. Starting to get a little hard to move from side to side, but nothing too bad yet.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Meh. I’m not bad, but again, the house stuff is wearing on me.

Symptoms: Nothing much. A little heartburn every once in a while. Some cramping (feels like stretching).

Looking Forward To: Getting my glucose test over with. My next appointment is next Thursday (July 2) and I’m doing the glucose test, my ultrasound to check on his kidney and the placenta, as well as a regular check-up. I despise the glucose test, so I’m looking forward to getting it over with and hopefully passing.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah.

Other News: Charlie is finally feeling better and back to her normal, crazy, busy self. It definitely makes life a little easier when she’s feeling good and healthy. Hopefully the rest of the summer can be this way. She’s also really talking up a storm now. She’s a little parrot, so it’s time we start watching what we say. She has fun though helping with the dogs and telling them to sit, stay and giving them treats. We also got to meet our friend’s newest family member – their first child, a boy! It was so exciting to see them as a new family of three and to hold a newborn again. Charlie didn’t get jealous, which I hope is a good sign for baby brother.






Baby Boy: 24 Week Update

I missed a week. I had every intention of posting, but a lot came up suddenly last week that kept us busy. Charlie got sick (again) and was home for a couple of days. We also bought a house! And got an offer on ours! So we’re in the process of both selling and buying (fingers crossed everything goes well). I’ll post more about this specifically sometime in the near future.

So hopefully this week and the upcoming weeks will be a little less hectic (haha, yeah right!).

Anyways, here is the quick update on Baby Boy.

Currently: 24 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Sweets still. But not much other than that.

Weight Gain: Not sure. I gained a lot pretty quickly, but I’m hoping I’ve evened out over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to be better about getting out and walking and being active (aka chasing Charlie), so hopefully that is helping.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Great. I am usually out like a rock, but I always wake up on my back, so I’m trying to keep on my sides.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Excited and nervous – mostly about the house situations. I just hope everything is able to fall in place. We’re really excited about the new house and having more space for kids and dogs to run free (and for me to escape).

Symptoms: Nothing much. If I’m on my feet a lot or go walking, my feet get sore, but that’s about it.

Looking Forward To: Finalizing the houses and hopefully getting to enjoy summer a little more without having to worry about showings and looking for houses.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. And workout clothes.

Other News: There’s a LOT of other news, so I’ll post about it separately. We did attend the base’s family day last Saturday and it was quite interesting. They had lots of activities including pony rides, bounce houses, balloon animals, face painting, and more. Charlie LOVES bounce houses and was in one when it started to collapse – complete pandemonium. She got out safely. Then she went on her first pony ride. She liked it but decided she didn’t need to stay on the whole ride and bailed halfway through.





Baby Boy: 22 Week Update

So technically today I am 23 weeks, but the photo was taken yesterday, while I was still 22 weeks.

Last week was very busy. We had nine house showings (and no offers – Ugh!). So we were in and out a lot. We also helped some friends move (Jed did most of that work while I chased Charlie around and tried to keep her from getting in the way).

Charlie also got sick over the weekend and we’re back on prednisone for the week and neb treatments. We caught this one earlier than the rest, but she still gets short of breath and has a cough. She also decided to share that cold with me, so now I am miserable and hope to get over it quickly for everyone’s sake.

Currently: (Going by photo) 22 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Still a lot of sweets! I am trying to be good and watch what I eat, but it’s not going very well.

Weight Gain: A lot! I had an appointment on Friday and I have gained 17 lbs.! That is crazy (hence why I need to watch what I eat). They said I would gain quicker this go around and they were not kidding.

Sickness: Currently trying to get over a nasty cold.

Sleep: Good. Crazy dreams still. One that even startled me enough to wake me up!

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Good until I got sick.

Symptoms: backache every once in a while. Again, starting to get to that uncomfortable stage, especially if I’m not moving around much.

Looking Forward To: Getting over this cold so that I can start walking more. Since I saw the weight gain amount I decided I needed to be more active (apart from chasing Charlie around). So I have started walking more (trying to get to 10,000 steps a day). I have succeeded the past two days, but this cold has now got me down.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. And jeggings still, but those are going to be difficult soon.

Other News: I had a regular check-up last Friday and I got to ask more questions about the pelvic kidney and the placenta previa. It’s his right kidney that is in his pelvis. That’s where it will stay and it’s nothing to be concerned about. We’ll just need to let the pediatrician know about it. His left kidney during the last ultrasound had a little bit of fluid backup, but nothing major. Just something to check at the next one.

As for the placenta previa, I have a marginal one, which is what I was hoping for since that has the best odds for moving. It means it is very close to the cervix, but not covering it and should hopefully grow away from it. I hope that’s the case so I can have him without a c-section, which would be my preference.

My next ultrasound is July 2 and they will check both the placenta and his kidneys. I also get to do the glucose test, which I am NOT looking forward to. When I had Charlie, I didn’t pass the first test and had to do the 3-hour test at the hospital. I threw up during the first one (that’s just too much sugar!) and had to do it all over again. Thankfully, I passed that one. I hope I pass this first one.

So here’s the 22 week baby bump photo (he’s the size of a spaghetti squash). I finally have photos from when I was pregnant with Charlie to compare to since I didn’t start taking bump photos until 22 weeks with her! I am definitely bigger with this little boy.





Baby Boy: 21 Week Update

If you follow me on social media (or are family) you already know the big news for this update – or if you read the headline. We’re having a BOY!

We were definitely both a little shocked (but excited). Jed was convinced since we found out I was pregnant that it was a girl. Of course, I had to be the opposite, but for the past couple of weeks I started thinking it may be a girl. But he is all boy!

We were really excited to have Charlie be a part of the reveal. It helps that she LOVES balloons and blue is her favorite color.

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Currently: 21 weeks, 2 days.

Cravings: Sweets like candy, fruit, breakfast food.

Weight Gain: Not sure, but at our ultrasound yesterday they said baby boy was 1 lb.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Still good. No nightly trips to the bathroom yet. I definitely sleep very soundly when I am pregnant. Hopefully that lasts though the whole pregnancy.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Good. I would say great as the news about having a boy is so exciting, but the weather has been crappy and for some reason this pregnancy it’s really getting to me. When it’s dark, cold and rainy, I get into a bad mood. I need sun! Hopefully I can reboot with some sun soon.

Symptoms: Starting to get to that point where I get uncomfortable bending over or sitting in certain positions.

Looking Forward To: Figuring out our house situation. We have had a few showings, but no offers yet. I really hope we didn’t completely miss the boat in timing, but we’ve got a good plan in place. I’m just very impatient with certain most things, so I don’t like not knowing where we are going to be when baby is born. Should know in the next month or so, but that seems like an eternity. I’m also looking forward to/a little nervous for my check-up next Friday.

There were two things that came up during the ultrasound yesterday. The first is that our son has a pelvic kidney. Basically, one of his kidneys didn’t migrate up so it’s in his pelvis still and that’s where it will remain. According to the technician, it’s not anything to be concerned with at this point and we’ll check it again at our 28 week ultrasound as they watch the fluid levels to make sure there isn’t any blockage. He has good levels, so it sounds like everything will be fine, just one kidney will be in a different place. She did note that doctors do advise against contact sports with this condition, but that’s about it. He will also most likely need to see a specialist when he’s born to get checked out.

The second thing the technician noticed is that my uterus/placenta is on top of my cervix. Honestly, there was a lot going on that I didn’t catch if it was completely covering or only partially, but it’s called placenta previa. This is another item they said shouldn’t be cause for concern but they need to check at 28 weeks to see if it’s moved at all, which I really hope it does. I have to watch for bleeding, and from reading about it online, if it doesn’t move away from my cervix I will mostly likely need to have a c-section. Not what I was planning, so I’ll be interested to hear what the doctor says next week at my check-up and what my ultrasound shows at 28 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Since it’s been cold, I’ve needed to wear pants, so I am wearing maternity pants and some shirts or larger t-shirts I have.


Baby Boy - 21 Weeks

Baby Boy – 21 Weeks